1. 1 Choose a spell

    Select from Whit and Whisty's most powerful abilities. Hover over a spell to see how it will affect your friends profile.

    • Fire

      Envelope a dear friend (or enemies) profile in a swatch of flames. Everything on their timeline becomes fodder for the fire.

    • Flirt

      Play matchmaker and give your friends a new love interest. Selected at random, your friend will fall in love with another one of your friends, complete with cheesy love quotes, flowers, and mushy status updates for their beloved.

    • Adoration

      Use this spell to give one of your friends the popularity they've always wanted. Sit back and watch as their friends swarm them with messages, likes, and comments.

    • Transport

      Send one of your friends on a last minute trip to a far off destination. Somewhere like ... oh, I don’t know, Siberia is supposed to be nice this time of year.

    • Shadowland

      Send a friend's profile to the dark side. Colors invert as a fog rolls in across the page. Posts will mysteriously appear and disappear into the ether. Messages from long lost loves and friends will surface.

    • Random

      Cast a random spell out of the previously listed to cast on your friend.

  2. 2 Choose your friend

  3. Unlock the lost chapter

    Cast spells and release all seven pages of the lost chapter of The Kiss

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    Check out the Spell Caster standings. Top ten casters win a copy of The Kiss